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Winsorfx Review: Why Should You Trust or Avoid Broker?

Is Winsorfx Legit or Scam?

Definitely not Legit! Winsorfx is a dangerous broker with all the hallmarks of a scam. Here’s why you should stay away:

  • Unregulated: Operates from St. Vincent and the Grenadines, a notorious haven for unregulated brokers. This lack of oversight puts your funds at risk.
  • Shady Bonuses: Offers bonuses with impossible withdrawal conditions, tricking you into keeping your money with them.

Company Overview



Company Name



Not publicly available


St. Vincent and the Grenadines (Unregulated)


Forex, Commodities, Crypto, Indices, Shares

Services or Products

Winsorfx offers trading in various markets, but with significant drawbacks:

  • Limited Functionality: Only demo accounts are available, making real trading impossible.

If you have lost money to companies like EminiFX or Eostrader; please report it to us on our Report a Scam form.

Trading Platform & Leverages

Winsorfx offers a demo version of cTrader, a popular platform. However, considering the lack of real accounts, the platform itself becomes irrelevant.

Another red flag is their leverage:

  • Excessive Leverage: 1:500 leverage is incredibly risky and banned by most reputable regulators. This can lead to devastating losses.

Spreads and Cost of Trading

Winsorfx advertises tight spreads, but:

  • Hidden Costs: They likely have hidden commissions, making trading more expensive than advertised.

License and Regulations

Winsorfx is a major regulatory red flag:

  • Legal Warning: Winsorfx operates without a license, putting your funds at risk of theft or disappearance. Dealing with them is highly dangerous.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

Winsorfx accepts:

  • Bitcoin: Irreversible deposits, making recovery impossible if scammed.
  • Wire Transfers: Similar to Bitcoin, funds cannot be recovered if scammed.

The minimum deposit of $5 is low, but safety should be your top priority.

Winsorfx Pros and Cons




Unlicensed FX broker

Demo accounts available (limited functionality)

Only demo accounts available

Why Dealing With An Unlicensed Broker Is Risky

Unlicensed brokers like Winsorfx pose a significant threat:

  • Scam Risk: They can manipulate software, steal funds, and disappear without consequence.
  • No Dispute Resolution: If scammed, you have no legal recourse to recover your money.
  • Unrealistic Profits: They may pressure you into risky strategies to increase your losses.

Client Feedback

Due to the lack of regulatory oversight, it’s likely very few genuine client reviews exist for Winsorfx.  Most reputable forex review websites wouldn’t even consider reviewing an unregulated broker, as they pose a high risk to traders. Additionally, users who conduct even basic research will likely discover the red flags surrounding them and avoid them altogether.  Traders who have experience with licensed brokers are unlikely to be swayed by the potential benefits advertises, knowing the safety risks involved.

How Can “Reviewsadvice” Help You If You Get Scammed?

Unfortunately, recovering funds from a scam broker is very difficult. However, “Reviewsadvice” can help you:

  • Educate Others: By sharing your experience, you can warn others about Winsorfx and similar scams.
  • Report the Scam: Report Winsorfx to financial regulators to raise awareness or you Can report to us today by the below form. 

File A Complaint Against Scammers

Final Thought

Winsorfx exhibits all the signs of a dangerous scam broker. Avoid them at all costs and choose a licensed, reputable broker to protect your hard-earned money. Remember, safety should be your top priority when choosing a forex broker. Look for a company regulated by a trusted authority, offering clear terms and transparent fees.

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