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Monetari Fund Review: Is This A Legit Broker Or Unregulated?

Is Monetari Fund Legit or Scam?

Monetari Fund is a service that provides option trading signals and educational resources. While they may not be an outright scam, there are significant concerns, and it’s crucial to understand the risks involved before investing.

Company Overview




Option trading signals and education


$1,995 (full access), $27 (monthly lite version)

Refund policy

60-day money-back guarantee (minus 5% processing fee) for 6-month and yearly plans, 27-day for monthly


Over 2 hours of video training


Robinhood (not affiliated with Monetari Fund)

Services or Products

Monetari Fund offers:

  • Daily option trading signals: These signals recommend entry and exit points for specific options contracts.
  • Educational resources: The platform provides over 2 hours of video training and access to a Discord community for support.

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Trading Platform & Leverages

Monetari Fund is not a brokerage firm and doesn’t offer its trading platform. They recommend using Robinhood, which is a separate entity. Leverage information is not readily available.

Spreads and Cost of Trading

Monetari Fund itself doesn’t have spreads or trading costs. However, trading options on Robinhood comes with fees, including commissions and margin interest.

License and Regulations

Monetari Fund does not appear to be licensed or regulated by any financial authorities. This raises significant concerns about their legitimacy and accountability.

Legal Warning Against Monetari Fund

It’s important to note that the content promoting Monetari Fund includes a legal disclaimer stating that they are not registered financial advisors and their content is not financial advice. This implies they acknowledge the potential risks associated with their services.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

Since Monetari Fund doesn’t handle your funds directly, deposit and withdrawal methods are not applicable to their services. These processes would be handled by your chosen broker (e.g., Robinhood).

Monetari Fund Pros and Cons



Daily trading signals

High risk of losing money

Educational resources

Unlicensed and unregulated


Requires significant time commitment


Not a passive income source

Why Dealing With An Unlicensed Broker Is Risky

Dealing with an unlicensed broker exposes you to several risks:

  • Lack of consumer protection: If something goes wrong, you may have limited legal recourse.
  • Increased chance of fraud: Unlicensed brokers may be more likely to engage in fraudulent activities.
  • Potential for insolvency: If the broker becomes insolvent, your funds may be at risk.

Client Feedback

Client testimonials on the Monetari Fund website showcase positive experiences. However, it’s crucial to remember that these are cherry-picked examples and may not represent the majority of users’ experiences. It’s also important to be cautious of testimonials that seem too good to be true.

How Can “ReviewsAdvice” Help You If You Get Scammed?

ReviewsAdvice” cannot directly help you recover lost funds if you get scammed. However, we can provide resources and information to help you understand your options and potential recourse. This may include:

  • Reporting the scam to the relevant authorities.
  • Contact your bank or financial institution to see if they can help recover your funds.
  • Seeking legal advice if necessary.

We will provide you recovery service recommendations, which will help you in recovering the lost funds or you can report to us today by the below form.

Get Your Money Back from Scammers.

Final Thought

Investing in options comes with inherent risks, and relying solely on trading signals without proper knowledge and experience can be dangerous.

Monetari Fund’s lack of licensing and regulation raises significant red flags. Before investing any money, it’s crucial to conduct thorough research, understand the risks involved, and consider seeking professional financial advice. It’s also essential to only use licensed and regulated brokers to protect your funds. Remember, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

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